The HOWEX 100 bonemill with essential sections in stainless Sandvik steel has excellent bone cutting qualities.

Milling by hand is an extremely fast procedure (will take approximately 20 seconds for one femural head, deep frozen or thawed). There is space for a whole femoral head in the mill, without cutting it up. Powerdrive is not necessary.

The edges of the cutting knives, made by wear resistant steel, makes it possible to use the mill for a very long time without sharpening. The knives are replaceable. The standard cylinder, has eight knives, each equipped with nine cutting edges. They produce bonechips with excellent quality for impaction. Additional cylinders are available for larger chips.

Experimental studies comparing grafts obtained with different bonemills have shown, that the HOWEX 100 bonemill produces chips with the best mechanical properties for impaction (G. Ullmark, 1999, 2000). This is considered to be very important especially when the acetabulum is impacted. The bone-mill is fully autoclavable, easy to dismantle for cleaning and securely attached with two clamps to any table.

Swedish patent no. 9402781-0, int. PCT-application no. PCT/SE 95/00947)V  


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